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Our weed wiper, the Speidel Applicator®, is an economical way to control Johnson grass, shatter cane, volunteer rye, thistles and many other weeds. It can be used in hay fields, pastures, row crops or anywhere the weeds get above the crop. The various sizes of wicks can be attached to a tractor, loader, cultivator, or hi-clearance machine. It can even be mounted on an ATV or pulled on a cart behind your favorite mode of transportation! For more information on the Speidel Applicator® brand Weed Wiper , please browse our website.

A Speidel Applicator® -- The World's Best Performing Weed Wiper™ -- can help you economically and effectively control the weeds in your crop fields.  Browse our site to find out more about this and other great products, too!  We hope you enjoy your visit.


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